Culture Change Resources

What do we need to do to build and spread a just culture?

Culture change is challenging. It means changing what people think and do in their daily work and interactions with the healthcare system. It takes time and the efforts of many people to be successful. Just culture change initiatives in other healthcare systems emphasize the need to:

  • Get buy-in, starting with senior leadership. Visible and active senior leadership support is essential.
  • Adopt common language and processes that support a just culture.
  • Engage and  train leaders, managers and healthcare workers.
  • Build awareness and share information about just culture with patients and the public.
  • Measure progress.

Providing resources about successful culture change strategies is beyond the scope of this website. Here are some resources from other organizations to check out:

British Columbia Patient Safety and Quality Council: Culture Change Toolkit

Washington State Hospital Association: Patient Safety, Transforming Culture Toolkit

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust: Restorative Just and Learning Culture – Tools and Training