Commit to a Just Culture

Commit to a just culture

Join healthcare organizations in Alberta who have committed to improve patients’ safety by changing how healthcare workers are treated when something goes wrong with delivery of care. Healthcare delivery organizations and workplaces, health professions regulators, and educational programs for healthcare providers can all commit. Here is the just culture commitment:

We are committed to building a just culture for our patients’ safety.

We understand the best source of information for improvement comes from reports of errors, hazards, hazardous situations and close calls voluntarily submitted by healthcare workers and patients.

We accept that voluntary reporting is more likely to happen when healthcare workers experience a just culture — they are confident that their decisions and actions will be assessed fairly if they are ever in a situation where the delivery of care was not optimal.

We commit to our healthcare workers that any assessment of their actions will take into account the context of the situation including contributing system factors.

We communicate the process that is used to fairly assess a person’s actions when a patient safety incident has occurred. Healthcare workers will be held appropriately accountable for their actions.

The just culture commitment is based on just culture principles. It is supported by policy elements and procedures. See the Creating a just culture policy page in the Resources section.

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